The Scientific Committee invites interested parties to submit their proposals under the general theme of the conference, planetary health and sustainable development, namely related to the following topics:

1. Epidemics and pandemics in history;

2. Transnational public health policies and networks: scientific debates and circularities;

3. Planetary health, disease, environment and sustainability;

4. Health care and healing arts;

5. Medical and public health institutions: corporate organization and actions on the territory;

6. Museums, collections and medical heritage;

7. Ethics, planetary health and sustainable development. 

Each participant can only submit one work as the first author.

Individual proposals:

All individual proposals must include: full name of the authors, their affiliation, institutional address and link to the author (s)'s CV, title of the presentation, abstract (about 500 words) and three to five keywords, in one of the official languages of the event (Portuguese, English and Spanish).  

Panel session proposals:

Panel session proposals must include: the names of the panel organizers and their institucional affiliation, four to five individual proposals, abstract of about 500 words and three to five keywords. 

Proposals must be submitted by April 22, 2021 and the results of the approval will be released by May 07, 2021.  Registration for listeners will close on June 18, 2021.